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A High Level of Service
Our commitment to excellence and desire to help others see the world in all its beauty are at the foundation of the Atlanta Eye Center, the area’s newest office dedicated to vision health. A family-friendly practice, the Center is set up “to make our patients feel comfortable, at ease, and in good hands,” says Dr. Raharja.

The Center is equipped with the latest and most effective vision care equipment and offers a comprehensive ‘menu’ of services for maintaining eye health. Patients may schedule routine eye exams and or appointments to seek relief from common problems such as red eyes and dry eyes. The Center is also a resource for consultations and referrals for LASIK or cataract surgery.

Immediate care is available in the case of emergencies such as the removal of foreign objects that are irritating the eye.

  Dr. Kim Raharja, OD Dr. J. Birdsong, OD
  Dr. Kim Raharja, OD
Doctor's Bio
Dr. J. Birdsong, OD
Doctor's Bio


Any Time Is The Right Time For Eye Health
Always sensitive to the needs of our patients, Atlanta Eye Center makes it easy for everyone to maintain good eye health, despite their busy, often time-stressed lives. Thorough, painless, and time-efficient exams are available during lunch hours, after school, or in the evening so that patients may come in after work.

Appointments may be scheduled online or by phone, and the office sends a helpful reminder 1 day before the visit. “And because each patient’s vision is unique, all exams are customized…just like glasses,” says Dr. Raharja.


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